About Us

Marymount Primary School Parent-Teacher Association (MPSPTA) was set up in October 1998.
The aims of MPSPTA are:

  • to strengthen communication between parents and the School;
  • to promote co-ordination between home and school education;
  • to promote, establish and maintain home-school cooperation and a better home-school relationship;
  • to promote communication and exchange of views in matters of mutual concern; and
  • to foster a concerted effort in improving the welfare of students.

Membership of MPSPTA is open to:

  • all parents or guardians of pupils presently enrolled at the School;
  • present Supervisor, Principal and teachers of the School; and
  • past C hairpersons of the Association and past Supervisor(s) and Principal(s) of the School who are ipso facto permanent honorary members of the Association.

The organization of MPSPTA consists of a General Meeting and an Executive Committee. The General Meeting is the highest authority and is composed of all the members of MPSPTA. When the General Meeting is in recess, all matters of the MPSPTA shall be conducted by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is composed of 18 members as follows:

  • the present Supervisor, Principal and Assistant Principal of the School and one teacher co-ordinator appointed by the Principal, all being ex-officio members;
  • 9 parents elected by the General Meeting at the AGM by secret ballot; and
  • 5 teachers of the School appointed by the Principal.